An LGBT Travel Blog

If you love showing off your Beyoncé-esque moves at gay and lesbian bars abroad, scouring all of the info you can find on the local LGBT scene wherever you go and celebrating Pride with your sisters and brothers the world over, then you’ll feel right at home here!

Launched in 2017, Riding Rainbows is a community for LGBT travel fanatics. It’s fierce and it’s fresh.

Here you will find top travel tips and guides so you know exactly where to go on your gaycation. Be inspired and book a trip to somewhere stunning!

About The Creator

Hi, I’m Kelly! I started this blog to help people like me who want to explore the local LGBT scene while travelling, meet fellow queer folk (maybe a few hotties) and just have a bangin’ time at the parties.

I’ve traveled all around Europe, sampling the gay bars and culture along the way. There are some amazing scenes out there!

My travel bucket list is now longer than RuPaul’s legs! Explore the world with me by following Riding Rainbows on Facebook and Twitter.