2017 Pride Guide for Europe [Infographic]

Glittery face paints at the ready, pride season is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited!

No doubt you’ve been celebrating at your local pride for years, and every time is as fabulous as the last. But have you ever thought about flying your rainbow flag elsewhere in the world?

Pride abroad is so much fun! Trust me, I’ve been to a few. It’s interesting to see how they turn the party out in different countries.

So in case you fancy celebrating pride somewhere in Europe this year, I’ve put together a handy infographic that shows some of the top pride events in Europe for 2017.

Take a look:

Here’s some more information on each pride celebration:

1. Zürich Pride (2nd – 11th June)


Zurich perhaps isn’t the first place that springs to mind if you’re thinking about celebrating pride abroad. But if the pictures from previous prides are anything to go by then Zurich Pride is set to be absolutely banging. What Zurich does especially well is to mix activism with celebration. So, there will be a march and political speeches on 10th June. The message of pride this year is “No Fear To Be You – Safety for LGBT refugees”, which is great. And if you’re looking to party there’s a street festival at the weekend (9th-10th June) in the centre of Zurich with music and booze and the frivolities you would expect at any pride celebration. Find more information here.

2. Vienna Pride (9th – 17th June)


If you’ve ever been to Vienna, you’ll know that there’s a thriving LGBT community there. So Vienna Pride is set to be immense. The traditional “Regenbogenparade” or rainbow parade will take place on Saturday 17th June. But what I’m really interested in are the fabulous parties. The highlight will be the opening event “Queens Werq the World” featuring some of your favorite girls from Rupaul’s Drag Race. There will also be a pride village set up for the week where there will be stalls and various acts on the main stage. Plus, there are lots of parties going on at the gay clubs and bars. You can find a calendar of events here.

3. Athens Pride (10th June)


Since the first official pride event in Athens in 2005, their pride has been gaining momentum. It isn’t quite as big as some of the other European pride festivals (yet), but it’s worth knowing what’s going on if you’re spending some time in Greece or visiting Greece for a holiday in June. Athens Pride will take place in the bustling Syntagma Square, right in front of the Greek parliament – now that’s a statement! It’s a place for the community and LGBT organisations to come together and there are a couple of stages featuring entertainment. Find more information here.

4. Roma Pride (10th June)


Rome has a popular pride with thousands in attendance. The week leading up to the parade at the weekend will have other events such as parties, concerts and lectures at Testaccio’s Eutropia-Città dell’Altra Economia which will become “Pride Park” – so that’s something to look out for. The parade on 10th June starts at Piazza della Repubblica and ends at Rome’s gay street Piazza Venezia, so you can expect much fanfare. The biggest party, Muccassassina, is on the Friday night (9th June) but I guess you’ll have to decide whether you want a hangover on parade day. You can follow Roma Pride on Facebook here, just hit translate on their posts for more info.

5. Ibiza Gay Pride (14th – 17th June)


If you’re looking to get wild then Ibiza Gay Pride is obviously where you want to be. From Wednesday 14th June until Saturday 17th June there will be big pride parties at famous Ibiza clubs, which are to be announced soon according to the Ibiza Gay Pride website. There are art exhibitions and theatre throughout if you’re looking for a bit of culture, but let’s be honest, you’ll probably plan to do that but end up soaking up some sun poolside during the day. This is the first of a few Spanish pride celebrations on this list because I know many of you will want to go somewhere hawt for pride. Keep up to date with whats going on at Ibiza Gay Pride here.

6. Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa – Lisbon (17th June)


So, Lisbon pride is actually split into two events. The first being the march which takes place on 17th June. Then the following weekend (24th June) there will be Arraial Pride or the pride village which takes place in the centre of the city. So, for two weekends in a row you’ve got pride celebrations going on. The second weekend is where you will get all the stalls and the acts on stage etc. This party will go on until 4 in the morning, have you got the stamina for it? Follow Arraial Pride on Facebook here.

7. Dublin LGBTQ Pride (21st – 25th June)


Have you got any Irish in you? Would you like some? Well, there’s a good chance you could get some if you attend Dublin Pride 2017. The big parade will take place on 24th June and is an important one as it has strong roots in the social justice movements of the Irish capital. You can expect big parties like at other prides, but at this one you’re likely to have a Guiness in hand. The full list of events for Dublin LGBTQ Pride will be released in June so keep up to date here.

8. World Pride Madrid(23rd June – 2nd July)


It looks like Madrid Pride isn’t for people who don’t like big crowds. Just look at all those people! Madrid Pride is definitely the biggie this year because World Pride is coming to the city, having last been celebrated in 2014 in Toronto. World Pride boasts the biggest pride parade the world over. Now that’s sure to be a spectacle, as over three million people are expected to attend. Bloody hell! So, if you’re going to choose one pride event to go to this year, Madrid has got to be the one. Find more information here.

9. Marche des Fiertés LGBT de Paris (24th June)


So, the pride parade in Paris is called Marche des Fiertés LGBT and takes place on Saturday 24th June. It starts at the Luxembourg Metro and ends at Place de la Republique. The gay district in Paris is called Le Marais and that’s where you will find pride parties and events leading up to the weekend. Place de la Republique is where there will be a massive after party when the parade is finished. The main stage will feature live music and DJs, which should be pretty fun! Here is the official event page for Paris pride on Facebook.

10. Pride in London (24th June – 9th July)


London pride is a mighty busy one, with stages and parties at Trafalgar Square and Soho Square on the day of the parade, Saturday 8th July. Pride in London truly is a street party, with lots of people simply having cans and hanging around in the street similar to the vibe of Notting Hill Carnival. Here’s an insider tip for you, plan your pees in advance because there will be long queues for any bathroom you can find. There are loads of other events that go along with pride which range from Pride Boxing to a Pride Picnic. All of the events are listed here, go check them out.

11. Pride Barcelona (28th June – 9th July)


I love Barcelona, it’s one of the most gay-friendly cities on earth. I couldn’t help but notice all of the out and proud people last time I was there. So, it’s no surprise that the locals have a big old pride celebration. The parade will take place on Saturday 8th July and will begin at plaça Espanya, march through Parallel to Fusta’s Pier (at the old port), where it turns into a street festival. At the party you can expect Djs, stars, drag queens, a high heel race and open air foam party. Sounds amazing doesn’t it! Find more information here.

12. Budapest Pride (29th June – 9th July)


As part of Budapest Pride there will be a festival, and last year they had over 50 events, so you can expect a lot going on. Events are varied and include things like political discussions, open mics, sports events and more. It sounds really interesting, Budapest Pride has a lot to offer. The pride march starts at Kossuth Square on 2nd July and ends in the so-called Rainbow Party which they have every year. Find more information here.

13. CSD Berlin (15th – 22nd July)


In Germany they call pride Christopher Street Day or CSD for short. The CSD festival takes place at Nollendorfplatz each year and the parties always draw in thousands of visitors. The Schöneberg spot will come alive on 15th and 16th July from 11am with live music, stalls, exhibitions, performances and more. There’s also a stage and entertainment by the Brandenburg Gate on the day of the parade, 22nd July. Expect to see some awesome and outrageous outfits at Berlin pride! Find more information here.

14. Belfast Pride (28th July – 6th August)


Belfast Pride in Northern Ireland will play host to lots of events and parties with the pride parade / pride day on Saturday 5th August. The Official Belfast Pride Guide for 2017 is soon to be released and will list all of the parties and events leading up to pride. Last year’s free street party featured 90’s pop band B*Witched. I wonder who they will have on stage this year, hopefully an act that’s as much fun! Find more information here.

15. Amsterdam Gay Pride (29th July – 6th August)


Omg look at that picture, how amazing does Amsterdam Pride look! Instead of the traditional floats you see in other pride parades you have river boats floating along the canals. This Canal Parade will take place on Saturday 5th August this year. What’s nice about Amsterdam Pride is that they host events catered to specific groups, as well as those in which everyone can share the love, such as Senior Pride for people over 50 or Youth Pride for younger LGBT people. Find more information here.

16. Brighton & Hove Pride (4th – 6th August)


Brighton Pride is all about the musical acts, and boy do they have some major acts on this year. The headliners at the Pride Summer of Love Festival which will take place in Preston Park on Saturday 5th August are Pet Shop Boys! The main stage will also feature Years & Years and Becky Hill. You’ll be able to attend the Pride Viallage Party with thousands of others on Brighton’s sea front on 5th and 6th August. Find more information here.

17. Prague Pride (7th – 13th August)


Prague Pride is the biggest of its kind in eastern Europe and one of the many delights that they have to offer during the festivities is cheap Czech beer – yum! There’s an opening concert on a river island in the middle of the city on Monday 7th August. But the main event is Saturday 12th August when the parade will march from St. Wenceslas Square through the historic city centre, and the parties will go on into the wee hours of course. Find more information here.

18. Reykjavik Pride (8th – 13th August)


Reykjavik is another one of those places that you wouldn’t think about when considering where to go to celebrate Pride. But they do have a massive pride festival every year which attracts 200,000 visitors from around the world. It’s funny when you consider the fact that the population of Iceland as a whole is only a few hundred thousand. It’s not really northern lights season when pride is being held but you never know what’s going to happen as the northern lights were spotted as early as August last year! Follow Rekjavik Pride on Facebook here.

19. Copenhagen Pride (15th – 20th August)


Copenhagen’s pride parade will take place on 19th August this year. The website for pride will be updated with a program of events for 2017, so you can keep checking it out here, to see what’s going on. City Hall Square in the danish capital will become Pride Square for the entire week. There you can get involved in the different pride events and activities such as health workshops, theatre, debates and international acts on the main stage.

20. Pride Glasgow (19th – 20th August)


Pride Glasgow is the biggest celebration for the LGBT community in Scotland. The festival takes place at Glasgow Green on 19th and 20th August and it has hosted some brilliant acts in the past including the likes of Texas and Union J. This year so far they have B*Witched (I guess pride is their thing), Kelly Lorrenna and Saara Alto, with more acts to be announced. The theme of the parade and festival this year will be focused on LGBTI families with the hashtag #BraveEveryday. Find more information here.

21. Manchester Pride (25th – 28th August)


Last but not least we have Manchester Pride, which I hold very dear to my heart. Having grown up in Manchester I’ve been going to Pride ever since, well… I was not quite old enough to go (shh!). Manchester Pride is so popular, it’s always jam-packed. It takes place on the bank holiday weekend in August (25th-28th) so everyone is able to get sufficiently messy without having to worry about work on Monday. You do have to pay to go to Manchester Pride which is a bit of a bummer, but a lot of that money goes to supporting charities and they always have top acts performing at the weekend. Manchester Pride 2017 will feature Faithless, Clean Bandit, Melanie C (of the Spice Girls) and more. Find more information here.

So, now the question is, which pride festivals are you going to go to this year? There are so many amazing ones to choose from! And you can do me a favor by using the search form on this page to plan your trip.